Announcing: libSAPI

For the past ten years BuLogics has been working hard to make wireless technology easier. From Z-Wave to Zigbee, there is a lot of knowledge “squirreled away” in our developers’ and engineers’ heads at BuLogics.  Edge cases, strange bugs, and real-world scenarios that weren’t imagined when the specifications were created. We’ve seen it all, and we’ve written code to handle it.

libsapi_logo_v2_darkAlong the way we’ve slowly added all of those tricks and edge-cases to our codebase. It’s one of the reasons that we have so many long term contracts supporting world renown products.  But we always knew we could do more with it.

So we did! This spring we took all of that great Z-Wave code, and we spun in into it’s own codebase. We call it libSAPI, since it abstracts away a complicated Serial API (SAPI)  into a simpler binary interface.  And it was good. Our AWE (Advanced Wireless Engineering) page has  a great explanation of all libSAPI can do. Starting this spring, we are licensing libSAPI to 3rd party developers to use in their own projects.

If you have a great idea for a Z-Wave product and want to get it off the ground fast, libSAPI is the way to go!* If you want to demo libSAPI or check out our API, let is know at . We can send you our documentation, and some example code.

We have license bundles for just libSAPI, license for libSAPI w. source code access, as well as a mega ‘support’ bundle that includes engineering time and support tickets.  For students we have a free student license for libSAPI.

Give us a shout at and we can help get your Z-Wave project off the ground.

Footnote*: I am totally biased on how much I like libSAPI. But it’s still 100% true. – Far

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