BuLogics CEO, Felicite Moorman Appointed To Delaware Valley Green Building Council

MALVERN, PA, September 21, 2012 – BuLogics, Inc., announced today the appointment of Felicite Moorman, Esq. to the Delaware Valley Green Building Council.  BuLogics simultaneously joined the 2013 Challenge Pledge Campaign, pledging to enable the cost-effective retrofit installation and management of wireless energy saving solutions in 10,000 Multi-Dwelling Apartment Units.  Moorman brings expertise in Social Era Business Development and Strategy to the Community Engagement and Outreach Committee as well as experience in sustainability marketing and management. BuLogics, founded in 2003, invents cutting edge technology to support green initiatives worldwide.

“BuLogics has always maintained and promoted the viability of wireless control systems as an integral piece of environmentally aware building management systems and has worked to move the industry towards such acceptance.  Felicite’s commitment to this vision and sustainability in general make her an ideal member of the DVGBC,” stated BuLogics’ CTO, Ryan Buchert.

Before entering the wireless technologies space, Moorman spent fifteen years in the Baltimore- Washington corridor managing a nationwide group of privately held companies, which spanned the real estate, insurance, finance, and legal markets. Much of her focus during that time was centered on partnerships with Builders and Financiers entering the USGBC arena for the first time. She participated in several inaugural projects with groups and investors navigating the nuances of such projects.

About the Delaware Valley Green Building Council

The Delaware Valley Green Building Council works to inspire, educate, and connect people around green building practices that will transform our communities into healthier, more prosperous places for people to live, work and learn.

Formed in 2001, the DVGBC is a chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council, the nation’s foremost coalition of leaders from across the building industry working to promote buildings that are environmentally responsible, profitable, and healthy places to live and work. The DVGBC is the primary point of contact for users, agencies, and companies interested in sustainable communities and is a leader in fostering cooperation and collaboration among organizations dedicated to environmentally responsible practices in the building industry. The objective of implementing green building practices is to improve site planning; to safeguard water and ensure its efficient use; to maximize energy efficiency, conserve materials and resources and insure indoor environmental quality. The goal is to significantly reduce or eliminate the negative impact of buildings on their occupants and on our environment. For more information please go to www.dvbgc.org. 

About BuLogics, Inc.

BuLogics designs wireless automation solutions for commercial markets, including hospitality, multi-dwelling units, industrial, and others. Using proprietary code libraries and associated methodologies, BuLogics develops and licenses custom software as well as technology platforms that support large commercial retrofits and installations. For more information please go to www.BuLogics.com.


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