BuLogics to Host Philly Tech Week 2014 “Which Wireless?” Session At Its East Falls Headquarters

PHILADELPHIA, PA, April 3, 2014 – BuLogics, Inc., a premier provider of embedded wireless engineering services, announced this week hosting back-to-back events to share knowledge and expertise about the options for our wireless engineering future during Philly Tech Week. As the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes a rapid growth sector of technology, more and more start-ups and corporations are trying to understand the myriad of options available for wireless communication. The Sessions will take place Thursday, April 10th 2014.

“Chief Engineer Far McKon put together this event to help educate industry developers on implementing a wireless strategy for businesses entering or expanding the Internet of Things,” stated CEO Felicite Moorman. “We have clients and strategic partners of ten or more years in the IoT space, but the “Which Wireless?” analysis happens every time we co-create a new product.  The wireless options are endless, but this session will provide a good starting point for that analysis.”

The “Which Wireless?” Session will give a broad overview of the wireless industry and wireless engineering. Hosted by BuLogics’ experts in both emerging technology and wireless engineering, the session will provide a broad overview of the challenges of and the myriad of wireless technology options that are currently in use.  The talk takes place Thursday, April 10th from 3:30 PM to 5 PM at BuLogics’ East Falls Headquarters (4200 Ridge Ave, Philadelphia PA).

Please RSVP for “Which Wireless?” here for reserved seating.

“Embedded Schmembedded” Meet-Up will follow the “Which Wireless?” Session. This informal event is an open forum and schedule-free Meet-Up, welcoming all! Hang out, ask questions, and get to know a bit more about embedded engineering and BuLogics generally.  Food, Beer, Foosball, and Ping-Pong available.

Please RSVP here.

To learn more about BuLogics call 215-798-1017 or visit www.bulogics.com You can also follow BuLogics on Twitter @BuLogics or LinkedIn.

About BuLogics, Inc.

BuLogics is a premier provider of embedded wireless engineering services for the Internet of Things Industry. Significantly reducing engineering costs and time to market using proprietary code libraries and associated methodologies for Fortune 500’s finest, a BuLogics project is 80% complete before starting. To learn more about BuLogics, please visit: www.bulogics.com You can also follow BuLogics on Twitter @BuLogics or LinkedIn.

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