BuLogics Releases ZigBee Testing Framework Via Open Source

MALVERN, PA, November 29, 2012 – BuLogics, Inc. today announced the release of ZigSnake, an open source ZigBee testing framework.  ZigSnake allows automated testing of ZigBee products using easily constructed and modified Python scripts.   The nature of ZigSnake, a software package that interacts with real world devices, enables broader testing than tools limited to testing wireless interactions.   It will also allow operators to confirm hardware states and other related questions of interest, such as “Is the door lock open?” thereby confirming information that cannot be viewed by wireless commands.  The framework uses the ZigBee xml definitions as inputs, and can consequently handle standard ZigBee versions as well as new projects or custom/proprietary commands.

“BuLogics is focused on developing high quality wireless products using the best-in-practice development methodologies such as test driven development.  ZigSnake not only supports our internal development methodologies; it also reinforces our cultural goal to support the wireless and open source communities as a whole,” stated Spencer Russell, Chief Engineer and visionary of the project.

BuLogics is involved in a broad range of wireless development projects across multiple standards. CTO Ryan Buchert added, “BuLogics has developed many ZigBee wireless products and uses ZigBee as the backbone technology for large wireless deployments to MDUs and commercial properties.  We continue to build technology bridges linking flavors of ZigBee to other protocols.”

More information on ZigSnake can be found at the BuLogics GitHub repository at https://github.com/BuLogics.

About ZigBee

The ZigBee specification, officially named ZigBee 2007, offers full wireless mesh networking capable of supporting more than 64,000 devices on a single network.  It’s designed to connect a wide range of devices, in any industry, into a single control network.  ZigBee supports a large number of interoperable standards including ZigBee Building Automation, ZigBee Health Care, ZigBee Home Automation, ZigBee Light Link, ZigBee Smart Energy, ZigBee Telecom Services, and the forthcomingZigBee Retail Services. For more information, please visit www.Zigbee.org.

About BuLogics, Inc.

BuLogics designs wireless automation solutions for commercial markets, including hospitality, multi-dwelling units, industrial, and others. Using proprietary code libraries and associated methodologies, BuLogics develops and licenses custom software as well as technology platforms that support large commercial retrofits and installations. For more information, please visit www.BuLogics.com.

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