Premier Philly Innovator Far McKon Ready To Help Shape The Future Of BuLogics

Far McKonPHILADELPHIA, PA, March 11, 2013 – BuLogics, Inc. announced with excitement a great addition to the leadership at BuLogics. Far McKon, one of Philadelphia’s great technology community creators is joining BuLogics team as Chief Innovator.  Far will be responsible for driving the quality and accessibility of BuLogics’ products and services to the next level.

Far joins BuLogics from MakerBot’s Industries, where he was architect and project lead for their software department. During his tenure, MakerBot released such groundbreaking products as The Replicator, The Replicator 2/2X, and MakerWare desktop suite; a cross-platform and consumer-friendly desktop 3D print suite. BuLogics Chief Engineer Spencer Russell lauded the hire stating, “Far’s rare gift for community-building comes alongside deep technical expertise and experience. I’m excited to work alongside him, continuing to build great products and a great company.”

Along with product experience, Far’s community contributions have helped make Philadelphia’s technology community more accessible and engaging. Far’s contributions include co-founding The Hacktory technology and art space, co-founding the Hive76 makerspace, as well as helping kickstart Ignite Philly, the Philadelphia branch of the worldwide Ignite network.

Far is an accomplished leader, with a track record of working on technology and design to make products simultaneously more robust and easier to use. He brings more than a decade of innovative product experience, vision, and team leadership to the BuLogics team.

About BuLogics, Inc.

BuLogics designs wireless energy management and automation systems for cost-effective, rapid ROI solutions in apartments, commercial, and industrial buildings and spaces. Using proprietary code libraries and associated methodologies, BuLogics develops and licenses custom software as well as technology platforms that support large commercial retrofits or new build installations. For more information, please visit:

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