About BuLogics

We Create the Internet of Things

From idea to shelf, BuLogics designs, builds, and certifies wireless solutions for the Internet of Things.

Having “BuLogics Within” is central to the Internet of Things, which is why top consumer brands and Fortune 500 companies come to BuLogics to bring their ideas to fruition.

We have built a reputation as the leading independent designer and developer of custom wireless solutions and have helped move the entire Internet of Things forward through pioneering projects. Whether partnering with OEMs to expedite the manufacture of specified hardware, or developing back-end software for unprecedented commercial integration projects, BuLogics has intelligence in the world’s landmark wireless installations and subsequent mobilizations. When it’s on the leading edge of wireless, BuLogics is there.

The Internet of Things is not a futuristic technology trend: It’s here today, and it starts with your things — your devices and sensors, the data they produce, and cloud services.

Welcome To YOUR Internet of Things.

Here are seven important ways we can help you do what you better.


Leapfrog Your Competition.

Web-connected devices are changing every industry in which they are a part. From reducing food waste with connected gas monitoring sensors, to the elegant simplicity of connected medical devices, the leading edge industry participants will inevitably be those who successfully engage in connectivity. You don’t need to know everything about the Internet of Things. You just need to know BuLogics in order to leapfrog your competitors.


Use Existing Assets.

We don’t have to re-invent your wheel. We can start with your existing assets and build upon them. Connect your current product line, then add a few new devices as you see your success. Connect them to the cloud and enable them to talk to each other, to your employees and to customers. Transform your business by utilizing the data those devices generate with business intelligence tools to have deeper insight into what your customers and employees want and need.


Engineer Efficiently.

With massive code libraries for multiple protocols and more than ten years experience in the Internet of Things industry, BuLogics not only knows today’s thriving standards, in many cases, we’ve helped set them. There is no shortage of roadblocks and speed bumps in wireless engineering, regardless of the protocol, but you don’t have to go it alone. Your cost-benefit analysis and time to market become an easy conversation when leaning on BuLogics for NRE.


Small Change. Big Results.

We start by identifying the one product (or product line) that matters most to you and your clients. The relatively small change of added connectivity moves a traditional consumer or commercial electronic device directly onto the path of big results. Whether selling in big box retailers, directly to service providers, security providers, cable providers, or even Kickstarter, what we make together has a ready and excited audience!


New Opportunities.

Wherever you sell now, connecting devices will sell elsewhere. If your specialization is audio/visual, you may find new B2B opportunities in security. If your specialization is security, the medical devices industry may be just a chip away. In any arena, you’ve got a whole new world of opportunity!


Agile –It’s Not Just For Software Development.

There’s no place moving faster than the Internet of Things. With your products based on BuLogics’ libraries, you’ll not only have access to the expertise and vision of an industry linchpin, you’ll have constant updates and upgrades available only to BuLogics Strategic Partners. That next product on our strategic roadmap or your client’s wishlist can find its way from conception to shelf in no time with BuLogics.


Transform Your Business.

When you have a strategy in place to take advantage of the Internet of Things — and you team up with the one company that can provide the right platform analysis, engineering services, tools and partner ecosystems — you can transform your business in real time. BuLogics has the technology experience to help you put the Internet of Things to work on your roadmap.