A Note From Our Chairman

Innovative solutions, superb services and an exceptional team help build successful companies – this has always been our guiding philosophy at BuLogics.

Looking back at the decade behind us, I can proudly state that our investments to develop key capabilities, advanced technologies, long-term strategic partnerships, and our talented team, led us to achieve many firsts and built the foundation for our future success in the wireless industry.

Our achievements are many; the first to build a Z-Wave to ZigBee bridge, the first to develop Z-Wave OTA updating, and the first to use Z-Wave devices to respond to OpenADR signals, and participate in the largest Z-Wave installation in the world. Throughout we have been building relationships with Fortune 500 companies, embedding our code in over 1 million consumer products in the market today.


We are committed to growing the company and its brand in a relentless pursuit to develop winning propositions. We will launch many new customers and partners yielding ongoing business development efforts and an encouraging list of common opportunities that will shape our future. Based on this powerful synergy, BuLogics will expand its reach and enhance its capacity by starting to address the strategically important world markets.

Our future will be defined by the innovative solutions we bring to the market. As the wireless industry widens and new companies enter into this space, we are in a unique position to provide groundbreaking technologies that will drive innovative products and solutions.

With our newly expanded leadership team we will continue to create great value and deliver most pioneering technologies available in the market place. We are very excited about tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities and we are committed to deliver excellence to all our customers and partners.

Mirka I. Walczak
Chairman of the Board