Frequently Asked Questions

What’s A BuLogics?

Well, it’s really more “who are we”.

We are an “Internet of Things” engineering firm, dedicated to making the IoT attainable to companies and consumers alike.

How do you pronounce “BuLogics”?

(boo law jiks)

Where did you come from?

BuLogics was founded in 2003 as a technology development company to leverage the wireless technology standards in the early stage of development at the time. Since then, BuLogics has designed, engineered and tested hundreds of award-winning products, and managed some of the industry’s largest-scale automation integration projects and ecosystem rollouts.

Do you certify devices for Z-Wave?

We’re glad you asked!

Due to this depth and breadth of experience, the Z-Wave Alliance, the worldwide consortium of leading OEMs promoting Z-Wave as the standard for wireless control, appointed BuLogics as the global test house for certification of products for compliance with the Z-Wave standard.

You seem to have a lot of spinouts.

Well, just the two for now.

Over the years, BuLogics developed a number of consumer-oriented products based on gaps or opportunities seen in the market. BuLogics is represents strategic advantages in custom design, engineering services, and industrial/commercial installation.

In November of 2013, having piloted more than a million square feet of multifamily space with its energy management and control system, BuLogics did a spin out of StratIS IoT. That same year, StratIS was named Marcum Innovator of the Year.

I hear “Internet of Things” a lot. Is it still relevant?

Today, BuLogics continues to pioneer advances in ecosystem interoperability and certifies the Internet of Things. BuLogics engineers and co-engineers leading edge consumer and commercial wireless products, and integrates wireless standards into projects only imagined before.

Do you sell cell phones?