Get Z-Wave Certified

BuLogics provides the certification of your Z-Wave product.

The mission of the Z-Wave Certification process is to deliver:

  • A neutral environment for verifying Z-Wave compliance and interoperability.
  • Highly qualified and trained personnel performing verification tests.
  • Test labs with state-of-the-art equipment for verifying and debugging Z-Wave compliance.
  • New measures to comply with the growing demand for faster compliance testing and increased process transparency.

Zertification For Z-Wave

In 2008, the Z-Wave Alliance chose BuLogics from a long list of interested companies to become the first Z-Wave Certification Test House. In 2009, the Z-Wave Alliance and BuLogics trained a second test house in Europe to ensure there is always a choice for certifying Z-Wave devices.

As an established Z-Wave product developer, BuLogics has been actively involved in the Z-Wave Alliance’s technical activities since its inception. Through our product development efforts and collaborative projects with other Z-Wave Alliance members, BuLogics has developed a deep technical knowledge base which is critical to the Z-Wave certification process.

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Zertification For EcoSystems

Zertified by BuLogics serves as the worldwide Internet of Things certification house for service providers, retailers, and independent ecosystems offering ubiquitous wireless connectivity to the consumer.

By engaging with Zertified by BuLogics as the protocol standards interoperability experts, ecosystem providers are able to:

  • Troubleshoot real world problems in advance of consumer impact.
  • Expand their device offering without impacting internal resource bandwidth.
  • Improve the minimum standards protocol providers now certify.

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BuLogics follows pricing as specified by the Z-Wave Alliance. Please contact for more information.