Newsletter 4: Introducing Pre-cert

by | Oct 1, 2017 | Newsletter | 0 comments

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  • Pre-Certification by BuLogics
  • August ships first S2 device
  • Weigh in on TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL

Pre-Certification by BuLogics


Get to market faster with Pre-Certification by BuLogics! Our Z-Wave test house will put your product through a test-run of the official Sigma certification process, and send you a detailed report on what tests your product failed, and what to change to pass them. Use the expertise of the world’s first Z-Wave test house to get the feedback that you need early in your development cycle, so you can get your product past certification and on the shelf as quickly as possible.

For devices that require rapid turnaround, take advantage of our Fast-Track option to jump the queue, and get a full report from our Z-Wave team in as little as three business days!

August ships first S2 device


Say hello to the first S2 member of the Z-Wave family: the August Smart Lock Pro! Developed by August Home, this lock takes advantage of the robust security offered by S2 to deliver a retail lock that consumers can feel secure in purchasing. With safeguards against common attacks like brute force and man-in-the-middle, S2 offers a strong backbone for the device and network-level security that’s crucial for smart-home products.

Interested in developing your own S2 product? Check out libsapi – a cross-platform software library that abstracts away the complications of working with the Z-Wave Serial API. This allows product developers to shorten their development cycle and focus on the things that make their product special. Now fully integrated with S2 functionality!



For all of the C developers out there, check out this survey from Unity. Should TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL be banished to the dustbin of history? Or should it stick around? Make your voice heard!