Newsletter 6: Harry Potter and the Repeal of Net Neutrality

by | Dec 1, 2017 | Newsletter

Happy Holidays from the BuLogics team!

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What We’re Reading

  • In a statement that shook the world of IoT, Sigma recently announced that it will be acquired by Silicon Labs, a well-known powerhouse of wireless standard evangelism. What does this mean for Z-Wave? Many believe that it points toward a brighter future for the standard.
  • If you’ve been on the internet (our outside of your house) in the past week, you’ve probably heard that net neutrality rules were recently repealed by the FCC. Read Wired’s take on how this could hurt IoT by introducing latency issues to time-critical systems.
  • In less dramatic news, Microsoft may finally be jumping aboard the Python train by introducing it into Excel as an official scripting language.

What’s Happening

Just Plain Cool

  • In a recent run of successes, Hong-Kong VR startup Glo has raised $3M from Alibaba, and has announced that it will license its Glostation platform to IMAX, to be featured in their flagship VR arcade in Los Angeles.
  • Check out the kickstarter for this real-life Harry Potter clock! The Eta clock uses location data from users to track where you are in real time, making it the ideal holiday gift for every millenial to buy for their overly anxious parents.