Newsletter 7: Spectre, Meltdown, and IoT

by | Jan 1, 2018 | Newsletter

Happy New Year from the BuLogics team!

What We’re Reading

  • IBM has four big predictions for IoT in 2018, and most of them center around how IoT networks can integrate with existing technologies. Read Bernard Marr’s take on how AI, the blockchain, and more computing power can push IoT “edge” devices to a more central role in the technical hierarchy
  • By now, we’ve all heard about the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities and how potentially widespread they are, but how will they effect IoT? DZone’s Cate Lawrence says that patches may make edge computing more difficult, and have already ruffled feathers at Rockwell Automation, Intel, and Microsoft.
  • At CES, Sigma Designs announced the arrival of their Z-Wave 700-series chip! According to Sigma, the new chip will be low power enough to run for ten years off of a single coin-cell battery. It will also feature 300 feet of range and, as always, interoperability and backwards-compatibility with the entire Z-Wave ecosystem. Developers should be able to get their hands on this newest Z-Wave offering in June of 2018.

What’s Happening

Just Plain Cool

  • The Teslasuit is rocking the VR world by promising to create a full haptic feedback experience for users. It’s designers claim that the suit will use electrical stimulation to simulate anything from a stroke to a hard impact.
  • Apple chip manufacturer TSMC has recently unveiled plans to devote $17B to a new factory for making its smallest-yet chips; the Taiwan-based company plans to begin manufacturing with 5nm FinFET transistors in 2020, and 3nm in 2022. How far can FinFET technology be pushed before we are forced to move to an alternative? TSMC is betting pretty far.