Newsletter 8: An open smart home standard? And Amazon’s newest acquisition!

by | Feb 1, 2018 | Newsletter

Happy February!

We hope you enjoyed National Batman Sticker day on the 14th. We certainly did.

Read on for news on Amazon’s newest acquisition, IoT Security, and smart glasses that help blind people see!

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What We’re Reading

  • In a big move for the e-commerce giant, Amazon is acquiring video doorbell creator Ring for $1B. Given their dominance of the smart home assistant war, this move could well propel the company to a an even more central role in the smart home space.
  • Mozilla announced plans earlier this month for an “open” IoT gateway that can connect with end-devices in a brand-agnostic way. If successful, this could mark a huge shift in a competitive landscape increasingly dominated by corporate feuds and a lack of interoperability.
  • Arm has recently announced the integration of more advanced security into its cellular IoT devices. Going forward, Arm’s Kigen family of products will operate on a tightly integrated hardware and software bundle which combines the MCU, radio, and identifying SIM information into one chip, including its own suite of security measures.
  • Is AT&T bringing edge computing to the center of its business? The company recently provided software to The Linux Foundation to seed an open source project called Akraino, which is aimed at scaling edge-computing to be feasible at the carrier level.

What’s Happening

Just Plain Cool

  • Smartglasses from new company eSight are restoring vision to the blind! Rosa Henderson was at CES 2018 to demo the product, and share her story about how it changed her life.
  • Researchers from the University of Zurich and the Technical University of Madrid in Spain collaborated to teach drones to autonomously navigate a city. While their current results are limited by the photos they were able to obtain, drones and drone photography are getting more popular every day. With programs like Amazon’s drone delivery system, and the Olympics closing ceremony, using swarms of drones, it might not be too long until fleets are able to navigate our cities with ease.
  • Employees at Boston Dynamics recently suffered a setback as they were unable to prevent one of their robotic creations from escaping into the wild. Although they now attribute the contents of the video to “testing robustness,” we aren’t fooled. Spotmini, if you’re reading this, we welcome you with open arms.